2.0 Coilovers: Fox vs King Comparison - How They're Different & What's Right For You


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Our latest article looks at the differences between 2.0 Fox and King Remote Reservoir Coilovers in order to determine which offers the best performance, durability and value for your application. The performance comparison is supported with shock dyno data and the durability information is supported with engineer data from manufacturers.

Have questions? Ask away!


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Good questions!

Both are made in the USA.

I have seen manufacturing defects in both brands and both corrected the issue quickly.


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Have you added in Sway-a-Way shocks yet? Curious to see how well they compare (Mike and I are friends ;) )


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I have not dyno'd sway-a-way 2.0 shocks yet, however their 2.5 shocks are nice.

I will be adding Sway-A-Way 2.0 shocks once I have time to fully document them.