2012 Kawasaki Teryx4 project!


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Just picked up a 2012 Kawasaki Teryx4 and have a stack of ideas to build it! More pending, but the 'short' list thus far includes:

Pitbull Growlers on 14x7 STI wheels
5000# Badland Winches
Truck-Lite LED's
RacerTech suspension and more

Still working on some details...have about 25 miles on 'er thus far, and will be putting on another 75-100 on Monday...then trailering to Holland MI and the gang at RacerTech to have them start designing!

FUN toy! The added wheelbase over my 2009 RZR is nice, but it still u-turns on the trails very well. The OEM shocks are adjustable for compression AND rebound, and those will need some dialing in. Likely going to change out springs to something more 'practical' for my use, but will wait on that until a trail-ready weight can be determined.

Will have 'er out at King of the Hammers in February to break it in, and in Moab for the Rally on the Rocks event!

Photo from the dealer lot...


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Quick-Simple mod #1

The factory fuel rollover check valve is located on top of the stock tank and vents into the chassis. There is no filter, and if you spend time in dusty conditions, it can/will clog your check valve open and you'll enjoy dirt in your tank...that results in a dirty fuel filter/sock and more issues to deal with (and can include a burnt up fuel pump)

$2.95 for an inline fuel filter
$4.55 for a package of windshield washer/vacuum hose
three zip ties :)

I shortened the hose where it connects to the tank, allowing the line to lay closer to the tank...I cut about 3/4" off and reattached. I removed the center console as well and extended/looped the vacuum line.

The photo shows the rest.



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next up was a freebie...tools required were a small handsaw and a file...

Simply put, shifting the T4 from L to H to R is an irritation...stupid gate in the way. The shifting mechanism is spring loaded, so the gate is only there to 'slow' you down from hitting R too quickly and causing transmission damage.

NOTE: you must be fully stopped to shift between ANY gears...you've been warned :)

Pic shows it after clearing the gate...if you've got a T4, it's obvious...