3" springs and u-bolt flip.....

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Dec 3, 2012
Got new 3" front springs. And did a front u-bolt flip. It's an 83 yota so I don't know if any one else has had this problem but on the drivers side the steering arm hangs so low I had to cut the u-bolt threads flush with the top of the nut. It was preventing me from turning right.... So after some cutting and grinding I can now turn right. Ill have pix soon of that trouble spot soon I ran out of day light.


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And I will be doing the rear flip kit very soon have the parts just not the time today.... Pix soon
Still running the factory push-pull steering, or have you changed to a true crossover? (IFS box conversion)

Most of my steering setups have been cozy...even running thinner jam nuts on the pitman arm to clear the spring pack :)
it might...do you have a pic of what exactly is contacting?

The banana-arm stock steering generates a lot of bump steer...switching to an IFS crossover setup can solve that..and I'll "guess" it's the banana arm OR the connection between the push-pull stock steering box and the banana that's hitting now...

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