30 trails, 30 days

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eternal noobie
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Oct 12, 2010
Toquerville UT
So, a few of us were sitting around a couple weeks back and had a great idea....a promotion for the local trails AND for Trail Hero....the plan: run all 30 of the Trail Hero offered trail runs in a 30 day period!

Sounds easy, right? Well....yes, and no....really, we can run most of these in a couple hours, but then add in filming time (both Facebook LIVE as well as for the TORN Amazon-Prime network)...and time on the trails quickly doubles. Add in any breakages or recoveries, and all bets are off.

Anyways, we are almost a week in to things now, so I'll post up with the past few days images as well as keep things moving forward with pics.
Day 1, Valentine's Day - Feb 14
East Rim, in the rain...





Day 3, February 16
Backdoor to Babylon, Take 1...

So, this clearly didn't go as planned.... Rich had a CV issue on his 4Runner, and as we were shuffling parts and tools, I whacked my melon on his open tailgate...fortunately, it wasn't deep and barely bled, but we opted to reset and rerun the next day....



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