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Oct 23, 2010
Neenah Wi
1967 Ford Bronco

I started with a mostly stock 67 , other than 2 inch lift and 31 inch tires .

Now the only things left from 67 are the frame and the dash

Body is a 4wd fiberglass

Engine 351w 30 over trw 10.5 to 1 pistons , comp cam AFR 185 alum heads with roller valve train

Howell efi MSD ignition

Tranny is a C6 , using a Hayden hydraulic cooler T case is a Stak 3 speed netting 1 to 1 2.44 to 1 and 4.27 to 1 in high range and turning 2500 rpm = about 50 mph. In the lowest range turning 2500 = about 8 mph

Front axle is an 86 D60 narrowed 8 inches on the passenger side and using 4.56 gear with a Detroit locker only needing 1 custom inner shaft on the passenger side

Rear axle is a 77 big bearing early Bronco housing using 35 spline shafts with a Currie 8.8 high pinion hybrid 3 rd member with 4.56 gears and a full spool .

4 link front and rear using Bilstein coilovers 14 inch front and 17 inch rear netting 26 inches of wheel travel in the front and 32 inches in the rear Mid truck mount ¾” sway bar

Steering is full hydraulic by PSC . 4 wheel disc brakes

Tires are 37 inch Pitbull Rockers mounted on Allied Rockathon bread lock rims with 2.5 inch back space

Custom front and rear bumpers and a ramsey 10000 lb winch Alum tool box in the back that also holds 2 batteries 23 gallon heavy guage steel fuel tank

Replaced stock 67 wiring harness with an American wiring harness . Old harness was a fire waiting to happen

LED lights front , rear, and under body

Interior 3 Summit racing bucket seats 5 point seat belts full custom family cage tied to the frame

Wheel base is 3 inches longer than stock axle width .

My goal was to build a well built rig that I can pound on all day and still drive on the street without getting the stink eye from the cops ! I have fun with it but the build is never done !
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