77 chevy on 39.5 iroks and 04 z71 6in lift on 35" nittos

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thomas johnson

77 chevy on 39.5 iroks and 86 samurai
Jan 19, 2012
hey im new to this site i was on pirate4x4 and they are a**holes so i came here wanting some opinions on my build this is before the start of the build
classic 70's Scottsdale...takes me back to the Fall Guy! (well, ok, that was an early 80's, but they aren't MUCH different!)

build plans?
this weekend i plan on getting the bed off, trimming the front fenders, bobbing the frame in the back, putting my 39.5x13.5 iroks on, and possibly sliding the front end forward a little. but long run goal for it is exo cage, winch, coil over springs, ect.
yea im having to do a budget build and axles aint on top of the to do list im going to run the 1/2 ton till i break them but yes in the future i am upgrading the axles
Local guy I know is mocking up toploaders under his rig right now...full link suspension, all that...will be his first design as well, can't wait to see how it works :) He just borrowed a pair of 14" SAW's from me to mock up the front.

do NOT budget tight on link materials. I get all my tabs from http://www.ruffstuffspecialties.com/catalog/, my heims will be from there too. Nothing worse than getting it all done and having a little 1/4" thick tab shear off the first time out (been there, done that...)

I just separated the tub/frame on my FJ40 project...hope to start the write up on that in mid-February...first design on that rig was in 1997, so it's WAY past due for new parts!
Thanks i will check them out, and yes this will be my first full build i have worked on several, my original plan was to buy one close to or all the way completed but my wife said i couldnt spent that much money up front lol, and i would rather build it myself that way i know whats been done and if something breaks all i can do is blame myself and learn from my mistakes, but there will definatly be alot of pictures and questions posted
I know its kinda short notice but looking for suggestions im starting on my build tonight should i take the bed completely off the truck or just trim it up and bob it

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