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Nov 9, 2012
I have a 1985 4runner. 22re, automatic. When I press the pedal to the floor it doesn't always shift down, and when I'm just generally accelerating it seems to shift into 4th gear too soon. It takes off just fine but once I get up in speed it shifts up and just "gargles" along with not much power. Any suggestions? Also seems to have a little "pop" when it idles, is this oxygen sensor?
Sounds like the throttle cable for the trans is out of adjustment or broken. The cable is attached to your throttle so when you step on the gas it pulls the cable and pushes a valve in the valve body making more pressure in the trans so it shifts later, so if its too loose or broken its gonna shift early and not go into passing gear when you step on the gas
If you want to be technical it's called "throttle valve cable" or "TV cable" or "kickdown cable" everyone calls it something different. I'm a tranny rebuilder, I've heard it called a lot of different things
Thanks guys I'm gonna look into that when I get a chance. What about the "pop" when it idles? It's only in park that it does that...on my Toyota I used to have it was the oxygen sensor...but that affected the way it was I'm drive too. On my 4runner it's only when I'm in park, anything?

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