91 Toyota Pickup


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91 Toyota Truck
-wheelbase is 125" and the width is 90" outside of tire to outside of tire.
-Fully Tig welded Exo Cage

Drive Train
-350 motor
-350 trans
-Lokar shifter
-203/205 doubler twin sticked
-Brand new GOTPROPANE system with 2 used aluminum forklift tanks - need to revamp the cage to get them protected.

-Dana 60
-5.13 gears
-Full Yukon 4340's with Super Joints
-RPM 35 spline drive flanges
-coil springs
-rancho shocks
-3 link with track bar

-14 bolt
-5.13 gears
-disc brakes
-coil springs
-ranch shocks
-grader ball suspension

-rock lights
-Mastercraft Harnesses. lap belts installed, need to get a brace welded in for the shoulder straps.
-custom tube doors
-9500# winch
- 5 - 42" Iroks on 15" black steel wheels
-Crawlfab weld on beadlocks not installed yet
- Full Hydro steering
- Spare PSC SE ram
-CD player
-40" Cree double row, 3x3 Cree, Crawler pods, 6" Double rows, 4" HIDs, and rock lights thanks to OKledlightbars.com

That's the important stuff, but now what everyone wants... PICS






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oohhh....looks entertaining!

Is that first photo Upper 2 in Tellico? Looks similar...


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Thanks Woody. Those pictures are from May 1st trip to Barnwell Mountain for the Toyota Lonestar Jamboree.

Here's a couple older pics on our ranch in Western Oklahoma. Pre beadlocks, lights, and chromoly.



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Wanted to make Jambo...stuck for 3 weeks in Moab instead ;)


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I bet Moab was a blast!

Jambo was great. I've been to several, but this year was my favorite so far. Luckily I didn't break anything this year, but I did help a fellow Okie change a birfield on his 80.


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I made a few Jambo's when they were in January...recall one where I busted a 700R tranny case, a D300 case, a rear driveshaft, and a longfield...all in one spot on Twister...used to be a GREAT video of it out there...sad part was, it was still the morning of the first day!

Then another year, had Marlin riding with me and my 350TBI siezed solid...towed back to camp on Friday afternoon...even a breaker bar on the crank wouldn't budge it...messed with it Sat morning, and somehow got it to turn over and finally run...ended up 2nd in the rock crawl that afternoon :)

poor truck....lol


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Hi. Do you still have this truck for sale? If so could you text me a price?
Jody Wallace