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RockCrawler.com ARB Intensity LED Light Covers

Discussion in 'Offroad News' started by RockCrawler.com, Jun 28, 2014.

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    Nov 29, 2013
    Intensity.jpg With the ARB Intensity driving lights growing in popularity there has been a demand from customers for a range of clear, color tinted and solid colored covers.

    Manufactured from molded polycarbonate and hard coated for scratch & UV resistance, Intensity Covers are available in clear, amber, blue, red and solid black.These covers suit a range of driving conditions and customer personal tastes while protecting the lens and bezel of the light.

    The covers are sold as a pair and come packaged in clear double blister packs.

    Cover Specifications:

    Part Number Description
    AR09 Cover Clear AR32
    AR09SB Cover Solid Black AR32
    AR09TA Cover Amber AR32
    AR09TB Cover Blue AR32
    AR09TR Cover Red AR32

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