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Check us out at

We're the only OffRoad Park in the country that's open 365 days/year and doesn't charge a fee!!!

We're located 13 miles south of Moab, UT., and we feature 320 acres of great terrain with 6 trails and the Competition/Test Zone area.

We have a week long slate of events for the 2011 Jeep Safari including the Crawl Magazine Reader's Ride, Night wheeling, and the JK Experience Challenge!!!
I have been to BFE twice now and have enjoyed both times. I picked up a load of trash that seemed to be from someone the day or two before we were there to help do our part. We had this very discussion about you not charging while I was planning my event at Katemcy.

Thank you very much for a great area to wheel. I want to make it sometime for one of your events!



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Betcha Area BFE is busy this week with EJS going on!


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Yes, it's been a busy weekend but it's only starting. We're expecting more people than ever this year!


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We're happy to be a part of Cruise Moab 2011, and look forward to a great guided trail ride on Friday May 6th at AreaBFE.