Attaching photos...


eternal noobie
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Quick and dirty screen shots on attaching images and such...

Below this text box (or the quick reply box), select the "Upload a File" button...that will bring up your computers folder/selections and you can find your photo(s) to upload (more than one at a time if you choose)

You can also re-select "Upload a File" and add more photos WHILE the initial selections are uploading. 2015-03-12 08-17-24.png

Now, each file has a "thumbnail" or "full image" button...since I cannot stand thumbnail images, I always use the "full image" can either insert each image individually at various spots in the post (ie: paragraph - image1 - paragraph - image 2 - etc) or you can simply Insert every image at the end...which is what I did here...

2015-03-11 16.57.30.jpg

2015-03-11 16.57.35.jpg

Frankly, the "insert every images as a...Full Image" doesn't add any breaks between them, and things get a bit inserting each Full Image individually and then pressing enter 2-3 times between each images helps space things out.