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Jul 29, 2011

By Del Albright

Cowboy and Off-Road poetry, part 2, with me reciting campfire fun with Ol' Shep and the Wolf.

Original poetry with an outdoor and off-road flavor.

Ol’ Shep and the Wolf
By Del Albright
The clouds were a building as Ol’ Shep and I hunkered down for the night
That dog snuggled in close, and the cattle were bunched up tight.
We were camped at 10,000 feet on that cold mountain side
Last time I looked up at the heavens, there wasn’t a star was in sight.
Soon the tent began flapping, the lightning flashing, and the thunder clapping
It was sure too durn noisy for any jaw-jacking.
There was no doubt in my mind that all hell was about to begin
And this whole symphony was accompanied by one hilacious wind.
Somewhere in the night, Ol’ Shep and I heard a lone wolf howl nearby
I cursed to myself and said son, get near these cows and you’re gonna die.
So, I grabbed the old .30 and headed out to protect my critters
But by now it was raining so hard my finger was slippery on the trigger.
Somewhere in the lightning flashes, I saw that wolf coming in on the prowl
Down at my feet, Ol’ Shep uttered a menacing growl.
No time to waste, I threw the old flashlight up along the barrel of the gun
Pulled back the hammer, and said, this is your last night, old son.
But all of a sudden, things weren’t right, Ol’ Shep wasn’t acting like him
Sure enough, I looked down and that fool had a great big grin.
Why he was looking up at me like everything was just fine
Then all of a sudden, I felt that tingle crawl up my spine.
I moved my head, cautious-like, for a slow, careful look around
There was that wolf, not ten feet away, sitting on the ground.
Then it dawned on me, scared as I was, by golly I see the deal
That’s a she-wolf sitting there and she ain’t looking for no meal.
Why them canines were looking at each other like two kids in school
Ol’ Shep, he was getting a little excited, he was even startin’ to drool.
I said well, what the heck; I’m gonna cut these dogs loose to go have some fun
But I knew Ol’ Shep would come home someday, with a wolf as his son.

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