B&W Turnover Ball installation in a 2008 Ram 3500


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Updated towing vehicle means updating the towing equipment. Replace my 2003 Silverado Duramax with a 2008 Ram 3500 Megacab Dually , and the B&W Turnover Ball that was in there rocked. Top-of-the-line gooseneck hitch, flip it over for a nice flat pickup bed, and the option to add on a 5th wheel hitch WITHOUT any more modifications...big fan :)

Ordered the parts thru Lenz Truck and picked them up today. Two HEAVY boxes... accommodating nearly 17,000# of towing capacity requires some beef.

Tools: simple stuff...1/2", 9/16", 3/4", 15/16" combos and sockets, a 4" hole saw and a 1/2" drill...and a straight-cut tin snips to notch the bed in the passenger side fenderwell...

First, boxes...two, heavy, with hardware inside...


Next, the pile of stuff from inside the boxes...


The BIG key to doing this right is the 4" hole...I measured, re-measured, began a pilot hole, RE-RE-read the instructions, RE-measured, and finally committed...no second chance here...



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Read the install instructions...they were clear enough, and telling you how to recognize 1/2" bolts, washers, lock washers, and some miscellaneous stuff is a waste of time...

Finished pics...first, the ball/safety chain points...


Drivers side frame plate...


Passenger side frame place...had to rel0cate the e-brake bracket (parts included!)...this is also where the release lever is positioned...


And, two pics from under the bed...YES, removing the spare tire is necessary...adds a ton of space to maneuver things around...



NEXT up? A spray-in bedliner...previous owner hauled a slide-in camper, so this was a must-do regardless!


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I just installed one as well. Mine was in a 2000 F350. Install was cake, but the plates were a lot smapper than the ones you used. I also had to mod it a bit to fit a set of Air bags I already had in the truck. I'll post pics later.