BlueRibbon Coalition Badlands, Pinnacles Camping Restrictions in South Dakota

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The U.S. Forest Service has released their Environmental Assessment for the Pinnacles Dispersed Recreation Management Plan. This is the second phase to the proposed project. BlueRibbon has engaged throughout the project proposals. The plan proposes to restrict dispersed camping to only 70 sites throughout the project area and implement a fire ban. Send a comment to the USFS letting them know that continued camping in this area is important for dispersed camping and overlanding.

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The proposed 70 campsites aren’t shown where they will be located and the maps provided by the Forest Service environmental assessment are fairly vague. The project area is 723 acres which would mean more than 10.3 acres for each campsite. A minimum road system is also being proposed. BRC is concerned that by establishing a minimum road system the USFS will box themselves into management plan that cannot sustain growth.



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