BaerTrax All Yall Crawl (open event)

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OK for the details…

BaerTrax Off-Road Shop of Dallas Texas is hosting the 2011 All Ya’ll Crawl at Katemcy Rocks near Mason Texas on May 14th and 15th.

This should be an exciting event to attend with all the activities planned. As you have read on the flyer, there will not be an event fee. You will be able to wheel during this event for the normal park fee and still enjoy the entertainment that BaerTrax Off-Road Shop of Dallas Texas is providing… This event is about good people getting together for some good wheeling and good times!!!

We are however compiling a list of the attendees so we know how much entertainment to provide for… Please send me an email if you plan to attend and how many will be in your vehicle and if you are speaking for other vehicles in your group…

BaerTrax Off-Road Shop will be pre-selling event packages to include the following items, Event T-shirts, Event Koozies, Event Stickers, coupons for the products we sell and raffle tickets… Event packages will be $35.00 before the event, pre -ordered.

Just as a recap, this package is not for a profit and all of the proceeds will be put toward the additional entertainment that will be provided for the weekend. I hope because of the value you are getting for this weekend you will consider purchasing the event package.
The 2011 BaerTrax ALL YA’LL CRAWL is an open event scheduled for May 14th and 15th. I will be there as well as many others on Friday the 13th to get things started and run some trails. Everyone is welcome…

As for your values worth, there will be concessions, guided and un-guided trails, raffles and prizes, and at no cost BaerTrax Off-Road Shop is providing Live Music performed by Matt Stell and the Crashers, and kegs of beer during the band performance…

Lodging will include on-site cabins, camping and in-town lodging.

See the website for Katemcy Rocks at

See the website for Matt Stell and the Crashers at and look for their music on YouTube. Matt Stell has performed for many off-road events in the past including the Cotton Land Cruiser event, Lone Star Land Cruiser event and in the past the BaerTrax events…

See my website at for contact information. ***My website is out of date and will be up and running with a new site within weeks… You can also see us on Facebook and Youtube.

Thank you very much and we hope to see you there, Josh Bertschy
Josh Bertschy
The time has come to get the last modifications done on your rig, pack your coolers and trek to Katemcy for the BaerTrax All Yall Crawl event. The event is May 14th and 15th at the Katemcy K-2 Off-Road Park.

This event is at NO additional charge unlike other events. You will however be responsible on your normal park entry fee. BaerTrax is providing the event, raffle prizes, product info, live band entertainment and kegs of beer during the band performance… This event is more about good people getting together for good times and good wheeling!

For those that do want to support BaerTrax by purchasing the event packets they are $35 and will include an Event T-shirt, Event stickers, Raffle Tickets, Product coupons and some other goodies. Additional T-shirts will be $18.00 a piece. Please pay for the event packet via PayPal at or send checks via postal service to BaerTrax 2480 Joe Field Rd. Suite A, Dallas Texas 75229

This is really shaping up to be an awesome event and a large attendance. There will be some awesome rigs show up and the wheeling is great at Katemcy.
Camping, RV’s, Hotels and other accommodations should be scheduled through the park if applicable at

The band performance is Matt Stell and the Crashers found at

Event packets can be purchased at via Packets are 35.00 and additional shirts will be 18.00 When purchasing the event packets please include the follow information with your payment.
Full name:
Rig description (brief):
Shirt size
Additional shirt quantity and sizes

Thank you all again for participating and coming out for a good time…
Sincerely, Josh Bertschy
Josh Bertschy
I Spoke to Randy Kruse (owner of the park) and he said from gauging from his experience with the phone calls and emails of inquiries he thinks there I should expect around 100 or so rigs!!! This is really shaping up to be a great event!!!

Hope to see you guys there!!!

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