Bower Power Hour Calls on Long-Term Innovators

Episode Guests: Autowerkz TV Andy Ungar, Great Day Inc. Paul Meeks, Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association Matt Westrich, Tech and Tools Beadlock Wheels

MESA, ARIZONA FEBRUARY 16, 2015: Bower Power Hour has shown that some of the best innovations still come from those who have been in the industry for decades. Both of our Bower Power Hour guests, Paul and Andy, have experience and successes that date back to the 70s. One of the interesting factoids that we learned was that Paul is the original inventor of the commercial hunting tree-stand. Now he uses his innovative mind towards developing bolt-on accessories for Jeeps, trucks, and other off-road vehicles.

This week’s Bower Power Hour guests are Andy Ungar from Autowerkz TV, and Paul Meeks founder of Great Day Inc. Then Matt Westrich from the Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association joins our Land Use segment for the second time, this time to talk specifically about some problems facing the Sand Hollow area in Utah, then 30Pack Matt closes the show with a Tech and Tools Beadlock Wheels segment. Andy tells us how Autowerkz TV got its start, its large variety of shows, and plans for expansion in the future. Paul talks about the history of Great Day Inc., starting from a company making hunting tree-stands to creating a huge line of lifestyle vehicle accessories. The brand has now developed to fit in with the UTV, ATV, SXS segment of the off-road market where we see outdoorsman needing handy products to simplify their everyday adventures. Then Matt “Sarg” re-joins the land use segment to talk about the Sand Hollow area and the turtles that call it home, and Tech and Tools focuses on the benefits of having Raceline beadlock wheels on your off-road vehicle.

“This week’s guests showed how varied the off-road industry is,” said Charlene Bower, Host and Executive Producer. “Autowerkz TV is a online television network and it’s great to hear Andy’s plans to expand and develop the network to include even more off-road interests. Not many people know this, but Andy was one of the people that pushed me into starting Bower Power Hour! I met Paul when I was working in the UTV market, and he had a deer strapped to the front of his UTV. The number of innovative and smart ideas he has produced since then is amazing. Then Sarg gave us a little ecology lesson as he discussed the importance of habitat preservation as well as OHV trail access. And, as always, it’s great to hear 30Pack Matt’s advice, this time about Raceline Wheels and BFGoodrich KO2 tires, which not going to lie, is a perfect set-up for the majority of off-road folks with JKs that like to wheel.”

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