Bower Power Hour Features 32 Women from the Ladies Co-Driver Challenge

MESA, ARIZONA MAY 9th, 2015: Bower Power Hour is interrupting its Spring Break for a very special episode featuring 32 women who are part of Bower Media’s Ladies Co-Driver Challenge. Starting with 91 entrants, 32 semi-finalists were determined by ‘Votes of Confidence’ on Social Media. These 32 ladies were given the opportunity to be interviewed for this very special episode of Bower Power Hour. The top 10 ladies were selected after the extensive interview process, and will be attending a training weekend in Arizona this week. Charlene Bower’s final 3 co-drivers will be announced next week and will be joining Charlene and BFGoodrich Tires on one of the three epic adventures.

“I’m excited that we are able to use Bower Power Hour to give these ladies a platform to tell their story and show off their skills wheeling, shooting, and participating in so many more outdoor activities. These ladies are amazing and are a wide representative of our offroad community as a whole. There are ladies in their late 50’s down to our youngest 21 year old, and they live across the US and Canada. Some own their own vehicle and drive, and others have always been a co-driver and are looking for the next adventure,” said Charlene Bower, Host and Executive Producer. “This has been a very rewarding experience, and at the same time a challenging process narrowing down this group. Each one has a great story, is willing to jump outside their box, and wants to be part of this adventure. If it was up to me, I would take all 91 of them with me, I am so excited to see so many ladies involved in the off-road lifestyle!”

The 32 Ladies featured are: Alice Gerst from Big Rapids, MI, Amber Turner from San Ramon, CA, Angie Dow from Springfield, OR,Angie Mitchell from Henderson, NV, Ashlie Cardillo from Las Vegas, NV, Audrey Byrd from Henderson, NV, Sarah Luker from Sicklerville, NJ, Denise Nelson from Blodgett, OR, Heather Swigart from Camp Verde, AZ, Jane Thurmond from Simi Valley, CA, Jessica Chasse from Maricopa, AZ , Journee Richardson from Ramona, CA, Kalee Hunter from Tucson, AZ, Kaleigh Hotchkiss from Tucson, AZ,Kimrah Turner from Elizabeth City, NC, Kristen Endres from Lawrenceburg, IN, Kristie Moore from Clay, NY, Lauren Martin from Colorado Springs, CO, Leigh Singleton from Edmond, OK, Lisa Carter from Ojai, CA, Makayla Holstein from Kennewick, WA, Marcie Hricziscse from Goodyear, AZ, Martha Tansy from Wasilla, AK, Michelle Perez from Half Moon Bay, CA, Rachle Engle from Lancaster, OH,Rebeca Olavarrieta from Miami, FL, Rebecca Donaghe from Marina Del Rey, CA, Rileigh Augustine from Fort St John, British Columbia Canada; Samantha Hopko from Emmaus, PA, Teralin Petereit from Mapleton, UT, Tina Ray from Honolulu, HI, and Trisha Glezen from Vestal, NY. More information about the Ladies Co-Driver Challenge can be found at

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