Bower Power Hour Features Long Term Businesses and New Racers

Episode Guests: JE Reel Drivelines Jim Reel, Rok Rage Racing Brian Caprara, Big Rubbers Custom 4×4 Club Douglas “Bear” Updyke, Bower Media Adventures TDS Desert Safari, and Social Dirt Winching Stories

MESA, ARIZONA MARCH 22, 2015: Bower Power Hour features both the old and new of the off-road industry. Jim Reel has been providing quality drivelines to the off-road community for decades. Brian Caprara, on the other hand, is fairly new to the Ultra4 Racing and off-road racing scene. Bower Power Hour strives to connect the pioneers and with the new in the offroad community.

This week’s Bower Power Hour guests are Jim Reel from JE Reel Drivelines and Rok Rage Racing’s Brian Caprara. Then Douglas “Bear” Updyke from the Big Rubbers Custom 4×4 Club joins Offroaders Rock, Charlene shares her Bower Media Adventure to this year’s Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari, and we close the show with Social Dirt Winching Stories. Jim tells viewers about the importance of a well-maintained drivetrain, and how they work. Brian shares his racing stories and talks about how he got his start in Ultra4 racing and his recent successes and Bear talks about some of the many works of charity the Big Rubbers Custom 4×4 Club commits for the local community. Then Charlene shares her short but informative trip to this year’s Desert Safari at its brand new location, and reads some of our viewers crazy winching situations for this week’s Social Dirt.

“It was interesting to hear how complex drivetrains really are from Jim. JE Reel has been an essential part of the industry for a while,” said Charlene Bower, Host and Executive Producer. “Brian may be new to the Ultra4 Racing scene, but he definitely has his fair share of racing stories. It was great to hear from Bear about all the amazing charity work that the Big Rubbers Custom 4×4 Club does for their local community, which has also helped strengthen their bond with the community. I wasn’t able to go to the whole Desert Safari this year, but it was still fun to share my story and talk about their new location. This week’s Social Dirt was a lot of fun too, some of the situations our fans have had to winch themselves out of were crazy.”

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Bower Power Hour gives you an in depth look at racers, events, businesses, land issues, tech and other aspects to bring you the nitty-gritty news of the entire off-road lifestyle that we all love. Hosted by Charlene Bower, owner of Bower Motorsports Media, the guest list is extensive and energetic from all aspect of the off-road industry. The stories are fun and filled, with in-depth conversations about technology and innovation. Our national partners include BFGoodrich Tires, Discount Tire, Kicker and Pennzoil who have made the Bower Power Hour possible. Please utilize the Let’s Chat page to reach out to us with questions and guest

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