Bower Power Hour Features Powersports, Monster Trucks, Mud Bogging, Jeeps, Desert Racing...

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Episode Guests: Yamaha Steve Nessl, Mega Truck Series Jeremy Forsyth, Kurt Schneider Land Use, and Tech and Tools with 30Pack Matt

MESA, ARIZONA SEPTEMBER 22, 2015: Bower Power Hour covers everything that defines offroad, not just one segment. From the Powersports OEM UTV’s, motorcycles and ATV’s to Monster Trucks, Mud Bogging, Jeeps, Desert Racing and so much more. We even recently had a Rally Racing guest talking about the cross over into the offroad market. Everything that happens in the dirt, sand, gravel, and rocks is a part of the show. Week by week, we continue to mix the guests to cross promote into the different niches of the marketplace.

This week’s Bower Power Hour Guests are Steve Nessl from Yamaha Motor Corporation, Mega Truck Series founder Jeremy Forsyth, Kurt Schneider on Land Use, and 30Pack Matt installs RCV Axle Shaft and Synergy Mfg Ball Joints in the Craigslisticon. Steve Nessl unveils the latest ‘Pure Sport’ side-by-side from Yamaha, the YXZ1000R. Jeremy introduces us to the up and coming Mega Truck Series and gave us the run down on the trucks that compete. Kurt joined the Land Use segment to talk about being good stewards of the trails and wheeling responsibly. Then Matt headed back into the garage to install a RCV Axle Shaft and Synergy Mfg ball joints, bringing theCraigslisticon closer to completion.

“I have always recognized that there are many different elements to what we consider the ‘offroad industry’. Some sit in a niche, but I have always managed to cross between the niches getting an understanding and appreciation for all. Bower Power Hour has allowed me the opportunity, to hopefully, introduce others to this cross-mix of the industry. I build the shows so the featured guests are from different elements, so maybe one group can meet the other,” said Charlene Bower, Host and Executive Producer. “This episode exemplifies the extreme market that we call offroad. Steve comes from Yamaha corporate who is celebrating 60 years of excellence and reveals the backdrop to the brand new YXZ1000R, while Jeremy talks about one of the newest event series and vehicle types in offroading, the Mega Truck Series. Then Kurt talks through being a responsible wheeler, which honestly depends on where you are, and of course we head out into the ‘everyday’ garage to see the Craigslisticon coming together!”

There are multiple ways to watch and listen to the show including YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, SoundCloud, Spreaker, Stitcher, Tune In and more. Please feel free to share or embed the show as you would like. Dive in and learn more about each guest, and see all the watch and listen links at along with links to the breaking news from the show.

Bower Power Hour gives you an in depth look at racers, events, businesses, land issues, tech and other aspects to bring you the nitty-gritty news of the entire off-road lifestyle that we all love. Hosted by Charlene Bower, owner of Bower Motorsports Media, the guest list is extensive and energetic from all aspect of the off-road industry. The stories are fun and filled, with in-depth conversations about technology and innovation. Our national partners including BFGoodrich Tires, Discount Tire, Kicker and Pennzoil have made the Bower Power Hour possible. Please utilize the Let’s Chat page to reach out to us.

A new episode will be launched every Tuesday and Thursday. Please join our conversations on,,, or

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