Bower Power Hour Involves All Categories of Companies

Episode Guests: Total Chaos Fabrication Nicole Pitell-Vaughan, Spicer Parts Randall Speir, The Folded Flag Tribute Jeep Josh and Jen Schwalb, Bower Media Adventures All Girl Weekend, Social Dirt Snow Wheeling Stories

MESA, ARIZONA MARCH 9, 2015: Bower Power Hour has found that in the offroad industry, large corporate companies can be just as responsive as the smaller companies, but maybe with a twist. In other industries, large corporations have many restrictive processes that makes the time line for product development much longer than a smaller business. In the offroad industry large companies, like Dana Spicer, are able to follow the path from R&D to QA and final production in the same amount of time that a smaller company, like Total Chaos Fab, can. This helps to keep the business side of the offroad industry diverse and growing.

This week’s Bower Power Hour guests are racer and businesswoman Nicole Pitell-Vaughan from Total Chaos Fabrication and Randall Speir from Spicer Parts. Josh and Jen Schwalb join Offroaders Rock to talk about The Folded Flag Tribute Jeep, and then Charlene shares her Bower Media Adventure to an all girls weekend in the dunes. We wrap up the show with a Social Dirt segment dedicated to your Snow Wheeling Stories. Nicole told fans about her adventures in Morocco doing the challenging Gazelle Rallye alongside Jessi Combs, and the challenges running Total Chaos Fabrication. Randall gave viewers a more in depth look at the history of Spicer Products, more specifically how they got their name, as well as the extensive design and development process that goes into a Dana Axle. Josh and Jen added a patriotic note to Offroaders Rock this week as they discussed the ongoing build of the Folded Flag Tribute Jeep and their plans to crisscross the country with it as a way to honor veterans from all branches of the armed forces. Charlene took viewers on her sandy adventure to the dunes for a fun girls weekend while also learning navigation and driving tips, then we have fans’ shared snow wheeling stories for Social Dirt.

“Having both Nicole and Randall tell us about their company’s product development process put the growth of the offroad industry on the business side into perspective. It was interesting to see that two businesses from opposite ends of the spectrum in regards to company size, doing essentially the same thing, can develop and produce products in a similar amount of time,” said Charlene Bower, Host and Executive Producer. “Then we also get to hear about the many charities that are able to thrive in the industry thanks to all the businesses. Josh and Jen were able to undertake this amazing tribute Jeep project because of how supportive the offroad industry is to these builds. It was also fun to share my trip to the dunes with the viewers, there aren’t a lot of these all-girl trips but I think we should do more.”

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