Bower Power Hour is All About King of the Hammers

Episode Guests: Ultra4 Racing Dave Cole, Bomber Fab Randy Slawson, Off Road Business Association Fred Wiley, Tech and Tools IFS vs. Straight Axle

MESA, ARIZONA FEBRUARY 2, 2015: Like most of the off-road community, Bower Power Hour is celebrating the 10th annual King of the Hammers at Johnson Valley this week. Charlene did some pre-interviews with some key folks to the event. But, like Charlene does, she didn’t ask the normal questions, such as ‘what is the course like’, instead she dug deep into the history, and the thoughts of the past and the future. Want to know what makes Dave Cole tick and understand some of his views?

This week’s Bower Power Hour Guests are Dave Cole from Ultra4 Racing and Randy Slawson from Bomber Fab. Then Fred Wiley joins the Land Use segment specifically talking about Johnson Valley, and 30Pack Matt closes the show with Tech on IFS vs. Straight Axle. Dave tells us about how Ultra4 Racing and King of the Hammers started, turning it into a successful event and series. Then Randy, a two-time King of the Hammers winner, talks about racing with his brother and their quick build that turned into a successful event. Fred Wiley gives us a little insight to the complicated land use fight in Johnson Valley, and 30Pack Matt wraps up the show with the hot debate of IFS vs. Straight Axle and the benefits and drawbacks of both.

“King of the Hammers is always a fun event, and it really let’s you immerse yourself in the off-road world,” said Charlene Bower, Host and Executive Producer. “As Dave Cole mentioned, I helped run it in 2010, and it’s amazing to see just how far it’s come! Randy has some great King of the Hammers stories as well; it’s incredible that he managed to throw together a winning car in just 8 short weeks. Fred keeps us grounded with the fight for Johnson Valley, it’s only through the efforts of continual involvement that we will be able to continue to enjoy this event year after year. 30Pack Matt presented some excellent points about both sides of the IFS vs. Straight Axle argument, we will see which ones are more successful during this year’s race.”

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