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BlueRibbon Coalition BRC: 4405 Land Use Buggy a Huge Win for Access!

Discussion in 'Land Use News' started by BlueRibbon Coalition, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Jan 13, 2011

    Del Albright, BRC Ambassador
    - Phone: (209) 304-7693
    - Email: brdel@sharetrails.org
    - Webpage: http://www.sharetrails.org/staff/#DelA

    Date: 03/01/2011

    POCATELLO, ID (March 1) -- The BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) Griffin King of the Hammers pledge drive with the 4405 Land Use Buggy was a huge success! Travis Carpenter, 4405 driver, and his "4405 Land Use Team" did a tremendous job of negotiating 98 miles of this extremely gnarly off-road race-a-thon for access before the transmission linkage melted and halted progress. Pledge donations were sent to BRC from all over the country. THANK you to all the folks who made this happen.

    BRC's Ambassador, Del Albright, led the land use efforts at King of the Hammers (KOH), with a Land Use Seminar on Tuesday evening and the GenRight Best Prepared Trail Rig Team Challenge on Wednesday evening in front of a roaring crowd. "Team Degenerates" won the Challenge and walked away with arms full of prizes and gift certificates from many businesses at KOH.

    BlueRibbon Coalition sends a special thank you to the KOH staff and volunteers who helped make this race a land use fund-raising effort that will benefit many trails for years to come. It could not have been nearly as successful without the help of the following businesses/vendors who support land use and access.


    GenRight Off Road - Presenting Sponsor
    Falken Tire
    Fox Racing Shox
    4 Wheel Parts
    Tuffy Security Products
    Stonehenge Series
    Great Lake Off Road.com
    Olympic4x4 Products
    PRP Seats
    Raceline Wheels (Winning Trophy Maker)
    Adams Driveshaft


    Jeff Hayer, MFS
    Off Road Jerky
    Tuff Country (1st Donor)
    Rubicon Express
    Poly Performance
    CRAWL Magazine
    Arrogant Apparel
    Magnum Ink
    BlueRibbon Coalition
    Off Road Warehouse
    Liv*Fast Apparel
    Off Road Evolution

    Thanks again to all who attended, supported, organized and pledged in the race-a-thon at the Griffin King of the Hammers 2011. The BlueRibbon Coalition salutes you and looks forward to next year!

    For more on the pledge drive and KOH please visit: http://www.sharetrails.org/releases/?story=720 and http://www.ultra4racing.com

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    The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national recreation group that champions responsible recreation, and encourages individual environmental stewardship. With members in all 50 states, BRC is focused on building enthusiast involvement with organizational efforts through membership, outreach, education, and collaboration among recreationists. 1-800-BlueRib - www.sharetrails.org


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