BlueRibbon Coalition BRC: COLORADO - FS Releases New Proposed Colorado Roadless Rule And DEIS

Date: 04/15/2011
COLORADO - FS Releases New Proposed Colorado Roadless Rule And DEIS
Dear BRC Alert Subscriber,
The long awaited Colorado Roadless Rule and Revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) is out for a 90-day public comment period.
For those of you who have been on our list for a while, you will remember that after more than a year of public input, this version of the Colorado Roadless Rule was inserted at the last minute by then Governor Ritter. Ritter had changed significant portions of the previous petition on behest of Colorado's Wilderness activist groups.
Counties, local governments and a long list of stakeholders participated in a collaborative process to formulate the original Colorado petition. BRC, along with numerous other recreation groups, participated in meetings, field trips and public hearings. You may have even attended one of those meetings.
Sadly, the result of that collaborative process wasn't to the liking of the radical environmental activist groups. They convinced former Governor Ritter to toss all that collaboration in the trash. Sadly, the USFS, under the new administration, was only too happy to oblige.
In an amusing side note, the USFS has contracted with a collaborative planning outfit to advise them on how to continue the collaborative process. I couldn't help but laugh. I mean, an agency that allowed the hijacking of collaborative process wants our input on continuing the collaborative process. Sheesh....
We haven't had time to look over the proposal yet, but we wanted you to know that it's available for review. Both BRC and COHVCO (Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition) will be detailing their best legal brainpower to looking at any possible impacts to recreational access.
As they say... stay tuned!
Brian Hawthorne
Public Lands Policy Director
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 102
BRC Colorado Land Use Update
Colorado's Roadless Rule Released for Public Comment

The Forest Service has just releases the proposed Colorado Roadless Rule and Revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for a 90-day public comment period. The proposal covers more than 4 million roadless acres in total.
The proposal comes in response to a revised state-specific roadless rule petition submitted by Colorado last year. The initial Colorado roadless petition was submitted in 2006, with revised versions being submitted in 2009 and 2010. This proposal is the latest endeavor to create a state-tailored alternative to the Clinton administration's 2001 "one size fits all" proposal to provide blanket protections across 58 million acres of public forests in 38 states.
The proposed rule and revised DEIS are available for review and comment online at the FS website. The final Colorado Roadless Rule and EIS is expected to be signed in late 2011.
Roadless Area Conservation Website
Colorado Roadless Rule Home Page

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