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Date: 01/03/2011

Job Opening - Stay The Trail Program Coordinator
Attention Colorado Recreationists!
I just got an email from our friends over at the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO) asking us to pass along information about a job opening for a Stay The Trail Program Coordinator position with the Responsible Recreation Foundation.
I have pasted a copy of the email below along with the job notice. Please take a couple of minutes to read it over. Also, pass this information on to anyone you know who may be interested. For additional information, contact Greg Labbe, Executive Director or Justin Lilly, Program Coordinator
Thanks in advance for your involvement,
Ric Foster
Public Lands Department Manager
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 107
Good afternoon everyone, and Happy New Year!
Attached are the details for the open Stay The Trail Program Coordinator position with the Responsible Recreation Foundation (my old job). Position closes Friday January 7th, which is quick, but we are looking to fill and train the position before I leave for Alaska next month.
Please distribute appropriately within your professional circles, and feel free to contact myself or Greg Labbe ( with any questions.
Thank you,
~In Colorado, We Stay The Trail~
Justin Lilly
Stay The Trail Program Coordinator
Responsible Recreation Foundation
9462 Burlington Lane
Highlands Ranch, CO 80130
(720) 684-9960
Job Opening - Program Coordinator
Posted by Justin on December 28, 2010
Denver, CO - The Responsible Recreation Foundation (parent organization of Stay The Trail) is looking to hire a program coordinator to continue the educational outreach and awareness efforts currently taking place within Colorado and surrounding states. Please see below for job information.
For more information about the position, or to apply please contact Greg Labbe, Executive Director or Justin Lilly, Program Coordinator before close of business on Friday, January 7th.
Please submit a resume and a cover letter as an application. In the cover letter, or as an attachment, please include a description about what "Responsible Recreation" means to you, as well as a brief statement of your experience with off-highway vehicles and how your background and aspirations relate to the position.
Responsible Recreation Campaign Coordinator
Responsible Recreation Campaign Coordinator - Job Description
Title: Responsible Recreation Campaign Coordinator Pay Range:
Range $37,000 to $42,000 Annual Salary plus work vehicle, benefits and expenses
Average 40 hours per week which includes travel time to events away from home area
Typical work week from Spring to Fall will include weekends
Personal time accrued at 10 hours per month Office: State Coordinator to provide an office environment within his or her home Reports To: Greg Labbe, Stay The Trail Executive Director Organizations: Responsible Recreation Foundation (Foundation) Partnering
Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Colorado State Parks (CSP)
Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW)
USDA Forest Service (USFS)

Job Summary:
Responsible for the development, operation, and enhancement of the 'Responsible Recreation Campaign' including, but not limited to, the 'Stay The Trail' (STT) program. Promote the Campaign within the OHV community statewide. Represent the Responsible Recreation Campaign with the media, Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, Colorado Division of Wildlife, Colorado State Parks, other State and Federal agencies, and to the general public, both motorized and non-motorized.
Duties and Responsibilities:
1) Operations
a) Schedule, moderate and record the Responsible Recreation Campaign Steering Committee meetings.
b) Assist with grant applications and presentations.
c) Be Responsible for:
i) Marketing Campaign
ii) Liaison with supporting organizations
iii) Press Releases
iv) Web site updates
v) Volunteers
vi) Obtain OHV system maps from the agencies and clubs for web site.
d) Share findings, information, reports and status with the Foundation Board and Steering Committee. Attend their meetings.
e) Fund raising: solicit various funding sources, especially from sources outside the state's OHV grant funds.
f) Projects:
i) Accept special projects as directed by manager(s)
ii) Recommend additional projects to the reporting leadership for prioritization and resolution
iii) Coordinate efforts with other state and national responsible recreation groups
iv) Help volunteers succeed with their assignments
2) STT Activities
a) Exhibit Trailers
i) Schedule and prioritize events
ii) Ensure that literature and equipment are provided in the trailer
iii) Conduct routine inspection of the tow vehicle and trailer, ensuring that cleaning and maintenance is conducted as needed
iv) Oversee the safety of the trailers
b) Attend events that provide opportunity to:
i) Educate OHV recreationists on the Responsible Recreation Campaign, including designated motorized routes and areas, sound requirements, and trail rules, regulations and ethics.
ii) Collect requests and requirements on how to improve OHV trail systems - then track these items with the agencies
iii) Provide a written summary / report for each event.
c) Provide summary STT reports to the appropriate land managers.
d) Project Leader for items such as:
i) The printing and development of brochures, posters, stickers and maps
ii) Posters / Poster Backers
iii) Promotional materials
iv) Videos and PSAs
v) Website updates
vi) Social Networking
vii) Coordinate the activities of seasonal employees and the Trailhead Outreach Specialist.
Credentials and Experience:
1) Time Management: Self motivated & Task oriented
2) Public communications
a) Ability to effectively and efficiently present to and train large groups
b) Effectively communicate with land management agencies in multiple mediums
c) Interact with the public in a friendly and non-confrontational manner
d) Effectively communicate with youth, especially in classroom settings.
e) Possess good written and verbal communication skills.
3) Computer knowledge
a) Microsoft Office, including Excel, PowerPoint and Word
b) Email
c) Laptop / Projector / Audio Visual
d) Database entry & usage
e) Perform daily maintenance of software and hardware
f) Web site basics
Special Requirements:
1) Driving
a) Good driving record - must supply a DMV driving record. No DUI/DWI on record. Qualify for low insurance rates based on 'good driver' requirements.
b) Experience with, and ability to tow a trailer for extended distances and the ability to maneuver the trailer at trailheads with limited space
2) Maintain and work from a home office. Laptop, software, mobile phone, and internet connectivity will be provided. STT trailers may provide living quarters while traveling. STT truck provides transportation to/from event locations.
3) Administrative - submit timely and accurate expense statements and other required documentation for tracking and reporting grant and other expenses.
4) Flexible schedule. Required to travel and work on most weekends during the late spring, summer, early fall and during hunting season with time off during the week. Typical work week during this time of the year will include a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
5) Trail Projects & Other Special Projects
a) Physical requirements: ability to hike 2-5 miles, carry project supplies and tools that can weigh 20-40 lbs and work in inclement weather
b) Travel on an OHV for an event.
c) Setup displays & exhibits without assistance
6) OHV Experience
a) Able to operate 4wd vehicles, ATVs and/or dirt bikes competently and safely, using all appropriate safety gear.
b) Perform basic maintenance (air filter changes, chain adjustments, oil changes, etc) on 4WD, ATVs and dirt bikes

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