BRC Congratulates FOTR at 14 Years Strong

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"Founding Father" BRC Congratulates Rubicon Trail

By Del Albright

Founding Trail Boss, FOTR
Founding President, Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF)

In March of 2001 I worked with Lance Clifford to set up the first ever forum for one trail, the Rubicon Trail, on Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) was born then, with the forum going live in April 2001.

BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) is the reason I was able to work nearly full time as founding Trail Boss of FOTR to develop, organize, train, build and lead this awesome group of volunteers for many years to help make it what it is today -- 14 years strong.

I facilitated the start up of the Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF) as a follow up to FOTR in 2004, and lead this group for several years as founding President. It was truly an honor.

We should never forget BRC's role in making all this happen. And if you want to say thank you, and see more success stories like this, JOIN, RENEW or DONATE to BRC at:​

I am proud to have held the helm for so many years, but also very thankful that BRC gave me the blessing to do all that I did for FOTR and RTF with my BRC hat on. I would never have been able to do it otherwise.

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