BlueRibbon Coalition BRC: Read about Fox News anti-OHV hatchet job

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Date: 08/18/2011
Dear BRC Members and Supporters,
Last week, Fox News aired a very misleading report which gave viewers the impression that OHV users currently have “almost unfettered access” to Idaho's Salmon-Challis National Forest. I want to encourage all of our members and supporters to take a minute and read about our experience with Fox News.
Taking Liberties – With the Facts
Even the Idaho Stateman's Rock Barker thinks the story wasn't “fair and balanced.”
See: Fox News leans toward environmentalists in story on Idaho ATVs
I have to admit I did not expect this sort of shoddy reporting from the “journalists” at the supposed “fair and balanced” Fox News. But the back-story is even worse. Fox News reporter Douglas Kennedy and Producer Ben Evansky participated in what could be described as a hatchet job, not only ignoring facts supplied by BRC but deliberately misleading us regarding what their story was going to be about.
This is why a lot of OHV advocacy groups and powersports businesses shy away from the media. You may think you can trust the reporter to stick to the facts, but if you play with the bulls in the media, you'll eventually get that proverbial horn.
You can see the dilemma. BRC could adopt a “no comment” approach, as many do. Certainly, that would be the safest route. But that's not who BRC is. BRC is and always has been the voice of the enthusiast. On balance, our approach has been successful. BRC has been accurately quoted in some of the most well read publications.
Anti OHV bias in the media is something we have become used to. But BRC is dedicated to trying our best to get the truth out, regardless of the bias in the media. It's part of our mission of “preserving our natural resources FOR the public, instead of FROM the public.”
It has long been a goal of BRC to hire a full-time public relations person. Although we have made some progress, we have not yet achieved this goal. Now, with Fox News joining the anti-OHV hit parade, we know that the need has never been greater. Budgeting for a new hire isn't easy. It means banking enough to secure a long term commitment from someone who is willing to work.
I'm proud of how BRC has represented OHV users in the media. Perhaps because of our success, the anti-OHV organizations are pouring millions into public relations efforts.
If you haven't renewed your membership, or asked your friends to join, please consider this Fox News hatchet job as a motivation to do so.
Brian Hawthorne
Public Lands Policy Director
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 102

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