BlueRibbon Coalition BRC: Recreational Advocacy Group Asks BLM to Reinforce and Strengthen Congressional Mandates


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Date: 12/23/2010

POCATELLO, ID (December 23)--The BlueRibbon Coalition, a national Off-Highway Vehicle advocacy group, sent a letter to Department of Interior Ken Salazar and Bureau of Land Management Director Robert Abbey expressing the importance of key provisions of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) as it moves forward in the development and implementation of Land Use Plans.

BlueRibbon is concerned for the over 50 million Americans who choose or are required to use vehicles for access and recreation on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management. We felt the need to emphasize the importance of several key provisions of FLPMA as the agency moves forward with their land use planning efforts in 2011." said Greg Mumm, Executive Director of the Coalition.

"Millions of Americans as well as thousands of state and local governments are impacted by the Bureau's management plans. Recognizing key Congressional mandates in the land use planning process is important in reducing the conflict over how America's public lands are managed." said Brian Hawthorne, the Coalitions Public Lands Policy Director.

The Coalition's letter specifically noted provisions in Section 603 of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act regarding agency's lack of authority to conduct never ending, ongoing inventory and management for Wilderness. The letter also emphasized Congressional mandates regarding consistency between Federal Land Use Plans and the plans of state and local governments, the multiple use mandate in FLPMA Section 102 and the direction to acknowledge and protect various valid existing rights.

A copy of BlueRibbon's letter is available here and a copy of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) here.

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