BlueRibbon Coalition BRC: Take Back Utah Rally Update

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Date: 08/23/2011
BlueRibbon Coalition Rally Update!
I had an AWESOME time last Saturday in Salt Lake City at the Take Back Utah Rally and wrote a blurb for our website. Check it out:
I talked with Alan Taylor, long ago Utah Shared Access Alliance Board member and former Prez of the Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association (U4WDA). He reminded me of Utah's first pro-access rally, held a decade ago. Alan remembered that back then, the politicians were loathe to speak to the crowd and the US Congressional reps would only send staff members.

Ric Foster, BRC's Public Lands Dept. Manager, managed to dig up this photo of me speaking at one of the first rallies held. I think this one would have been 1999, not long after Bill Clinton designated a massive 2 million acre National Monument in southern Utah.
Contrast those early days to the very professional event that Mike Swenson and Take Back Utah holds today. The politicians aren't in the crowd anymore. Oh no. Attendees get a sitting US Congressman, a US Senator and the Governor all speaking to the crowd about protecting access to our public lands.
And it's catching.... This year, a similar event, Take Back Montana, was held in Helena, Montana.
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