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BlueRibbon Coalition Brc: today only! click to stop the usfs from adopting bad for recreation plan

Discussion in 'Land Use News' started by BlueRibbon Coalition, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Jan 13, 2011
    Today Only! Click to Stop the USFS from Adopting Bad for Recreation Plan
    Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber,
    Today is the deadline for review and comment on the US Forest Service draft Planning Handbook. This is perhaps the most anti-recreation planning directives to come from any federal land manager.
    Click Here to send your comment NOW!
    More information below. As always, call or email if you have any questions or concerns.
    Brian Hawthorne
    Public Lands Policy Director
    BlueRibbon Coalition
    208-237-1008 ext 102

    It works like this...
    Congress passes a law. Then what?
    Well, the

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