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Date: 07/12/2011
UTAH - IMPORTANT - Carbon County Public Hearing to Close Public Roads Meeting Today
Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber,
BRC just received an urgent message from Mike Swenson, Executive Director of the Utah Shared Access Alliance (USA-ALL), letting us know about the Carbon County Public Hearing regarding public road closures being held later today. Sorry for the short notice, but this is extremely important.
We've pasted USA-ALL's email below. Please take a minute to read the alert, take action and then pass it along to friends, family and riding buddies.
Ric Foster
Public Lands Department Manager
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 107

July 11, 2011
Dear Ric,
We just received notice only minutes ago about a public hearing that you may be interested in. Sorry for the short notice, but it's all we could give you.

Carbon County Public Hearing to Close Public Roads

Carbon County is holding hearings to receive input from you regarding the closure of a few roads in Carbon County. If you can make it or have an interest in any of the following roads (In the West TaveputsNine Mile CanyonDesolation Canyon area): Horse Bench Road, Jack Canyon Road, Jack Ridge Road and Cedar Ridge Road or the process in general please plan to attend.

Date: Tuesday (Tomorrow!) July 12, 2011
Place: Carbon County Courthouse, 120 East Main, Price, Utah.
Time: 2:00 PM (They make it easy for the working folks to attend, Don't they?)

You can always call the Carbon County Commissioners if you can't make the meeting. Here is their phone number: (435) 636-3201

Here is their website with pictures of the commissioners and email links so you can email them.

If you do communicate with the Carbon County Commissioners please be professional and courteous...but do speak your mind. We have worked with John Jones and Mike Milovich. They both are friendly to our cause and have been supportive of USA-ALL. These guys aren't our enemies.

Click here to read to read the official notice...we're a little upset at the ULTRA short notice.

This has been a difficult and contentious issue for some time now. The challenge for all parties has been to avoid massive lawsuits by SUWA. SUWA had threatened to tie up the environmental planning of the gas project for the next few decades and make the project impossible to do. Bill Barrett Co. (BBC), an oil and gas company have had to strike a deal that would involve closing a few roads in he West Taveputs Nine Mile area. Carbon County didn't like it, BBC didn't like it, SUWA and BLM LOVE it, and unfortunately the Governor thinks the compromise is great...we think it stinks. A lot of people are mad at everybody. USA-ALL understands the need of the County to receive the SIGNIFICANT economic boost from this project, we also understand BBC's need to take risks and make profits. But we aren't ready to lynch BBC or Carbon County the real enemy here is environmental extortionists like SUWA. SUWA can now CONTROL land use planning by threatening to sue...AMAZING! When will our side (including oil and gas co.s) get serious enough to support an organization by funding it so that we too can provide equal balance to the land use planning process.
For a little additional reading on the issue here is one opinion article printed in the local Sun Advocate:

USA-ALL believes there may be a way to get these roads opened in the near future. We aren't ready to let that cat out of the bag yet. If you would like to help us do that please contact us. Also if you haven't donated to our organization in the last 12 months please click the button below to help fund our efforts.

As always, "THANK YOU" to all our supporters and those who help us fight for all of you! It's because of you we have had such a successful year and recent significant victories! Lets keep it up.


Michael Swenson
Utah Shared Access Alliance

Utah Shared Access Alliance | PO BOX 50592 | Provo | UT | 84605-0592

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