BlueRibbon Coalition BRC: Yellowstone Opens To Snowmobiles Again This Winter

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Jack Welch, Volunteer Consultant, BlueRibbon Coalition
UPDATE -- On December 15, 2012 the gates will open to another season of snowmobile access to Yellowstone. The Park Service has extended last year's One-Year-Rule for the 2012-2013 Winter Season. What does the extension of the "One-Year Rule" for 2012-2013 Winter Season mean? It means that 318 commercially guided Best Available Technology (BAT) snowmobiles--and 78 commercially guided snow-coaches--will be allowed in the park. The proposed extension will also continue to provide access for motorized travel from the East Entrance road over Sylvan Pass. The extended one-year rule allows the same level of activity as the 2011- 2012 season.
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