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CalROCS 2011 Season Info.

Discussion in 'Trails - Events - Comps - Racing' started by CalROCS, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. CalROCS

    CalROCS New Member

    Mar 10, 2011
    CalROCS official event schedule for the 2011 Season is as follows:
    April 16-17 Browns Valley, CA
    May 14-15 Oroville, CA
    June 25-26th Donner, CA
    July 23-24 Reno, NV
    Aug 13-14 Oroville,

    CALROCS TO HOST GET A HOBBY'S RC CRAWLIN' COMP! Be there or be little!


    As requested, we have recently posted an up-to-date Rule Book and the Browns Valley Registration Form. Drivers submit a bio to be recognized on our new Team Bio Page.
    All can be found on our Website. www.CalROCS.com.
    If you have any questions you can post on the Forum,
    Call Kurtis @ (530)329-2947 or
    email me: kurtisharryman@calrocs.com.

    Can't wait to see the CalROCS Family back together! Have a ROCin' Day!
  2. CalROCS

    CalROCS New Member

    Mar 10, 2011
  3. CalROCS

    CalROCS New Member

    Mar 10, 2011
    FOA supports CalROCS Competitors. Check out the Bulliten Board at CalROCS.com for more info.
  4. woody

    woody eternal noobie Staff Member SWAG Member

    Oct 12, 2010
    http://www.f-o-a.com has great products, kewl to see them on the support list!

  5. CalROCS

    CalROCS New Member

    Mar 10, 2011

    Power Tank Contingency Program for the 2011 Calrocs Series
    Power Tank is teaming up with Calrocs to bring you a contingency program to support the competitors!

    Class: Unlimited

    1st Place - $200 2nd Place - $100 3rd Place - $50

    Requirements: Winning cars must have started the competition with two 18” Power Tank decals on the sides of the racecar (one on each side) easily visible at the start of each competition event and throughout the competition unless the panel(s) holding the decals gets ripped off accidentally during competition. Then, have a Calrocs official verify decal placement during tech inspection and place you on the eligible list for contingency prize money.

    What if I win? Fill out the form on P. 2 and fax it to us or scan it and email it to us or even stick it in an envelope and mail it.

    Extra Extra!
    Power Tank Product Discount Program!

    All registered Calrocs teams in all classes are eligible for wholesale pricing on any POWER TANK product purchased for the team’s use. This includes pit air systems, ARB Jet Pak systems, shock inflation kits and accessories, tire repair kits, and other useful items. Just call our shop with your team name and number so we can verify your information on the Calrocs roster.

    Ie: PT10-5240 Power Tank system for the pits
    Retail=$439.95 Team price=$344.48

    Jet Pak 3 high pressure air locker air system
    Retail=$379.95 Team Price=$297.50

    Power Tank Contact information:

    PH: (209) 366-2163
    FX: (209) 366-2173
    Email: steve@powertank.com
    Email: bob@powertank.com
    Address: 43 Commerce Street
    Lodi, CA 95240
    URL: www.powertank.com