Can-Am Maverick Sport RC (Rock Crawler)

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Aug 18, 2015

The new Maverick Sport X rc side-by-side vehicle ($21,299 US) comes factory-equipped for rock-crawling with a wider stance, higher clearance and added interior and exterior protection for operation in harsh environments. The inclusion of Smart-Lok* with ROCK mode, high-grade FOX shocks, arched A-arms and larger tires provide exceptional maneuverability when the going gets rough.

Full details: Can-Am Maverick Sport RC
We completed the break-in for our 2019 Can Am Maverick Sport XRC, so I wanted to replace the CVT drive belt and keep it as a broken-in spare. I prefer to do this at the house in good weather. This allows me to have a broken-in spare and verify I have the tools and expertise necessary to complete this job as necessary even on a dark and rainy/muddy trail in the future. I did discover that my factory tool kit was missing a key tool - detailed in video. See:

The 2019 Maverick Sport XRC uses the same clutch, tools, and process as the Can Am X3. For a more detailed (and professional) description of the belt replacement, see:

Hope this helps.
Funny, I remember "practicing" a belt change on my old RZR 800....only needed that skill once when on the trail, but was sure glad I'd practiced!
Yup - the RZR 800HO was my last machine and why I needed to "practice"! The clutches sat perpendicular to the frame and one had to take out the seats, remove the seat belt bar, forward firewall, etc. and then getting the cover out required that special "trick" of turning it just the right way...These new machines with the clutches aligned parallel to the frame and accessible from the outside are a dream after the 800!

Factory winch on the Maverick Sport XRC works well!

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