Can Am Maverick Sport XRC - Flip-up Cargo Rack/Spare Tire Carrier User Review


Loves Light Bars
Jan 8, 2019
Tucson AZ
We recently purchased a new 2019 Can Am Maverick Sport XRC. This is a user's review of the factory Flip-up cargo rack/spare tire carrier. I use this in conjunction with the factory "Trunk" on our Maverick Sport XRC.

These accessories will not appeal to everyone. We are both over 70 year's old and commonly ride alone in remote areas of Arizona and Colorado, I carry a lot of repair, recovery, food, water, and photo equipment. In those cases, our SxS really becomes more of an "expedition" vehicle. To that end, I REALLY like the flip-up cargo rack/spare tire carrier and Trunk accessories. + include easy removal of spare (no bolts). Closer to camp, I can remove the spare tire and put all my drone equipment in place on the carrier.

The only real minus is loss of rearward visibility. In those few cases where we need to go backwards, I carry a built-in spotter - she's very handy!

We really like the Flip-Up Cargo Rack and the Trunk. If you carry a lot of gear (of any type) and need easy access as well as protection from the rain, dust, mud, etc., this is the way to go! As a user, I highly recommend these accessories.
I hope you find this review helpful in making your own decisions for set-up of your SxS.

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