ckp 99 24v Cummins problem

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Ive had to replace my ckp 3 times on my dodge three times in a lil over a year, anyone know what may be causing this repeated problem
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No, no physical damage on any of the sensors, tone ring is present, i have also put a cam sensor in but it has always been ckp code, last for about a month aftet a new ckp, i cleaned batt cables and cpu ground, same simptoms, kno of any other grounds to clean before i start pricing cpus?


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you might even consider adding an additional ground...I have had oddities in the past on rigs that was solved by adding one.
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So i continued to clean other grounds, (main - cables on block) and checked alt for ac noise, none was present. I replaced ckp again, this time w a cummins sensor, not carquest and all seems good at this time. I guess it is posible that 3 non oem ,ckps failed, i guess thats what im hoping for at this point.