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If your look'n get more flex out of your old rig , look to 4 link and coilover shocks. With the Ridder Fab 4 link system I have and 14 inch Bulstien coilover shocks I net 26 inches of travel

coilover 008 (1280x960).jpg


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looks good!


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Jay, any 'on trail' pics of your rig? I know you've been traveling some!

What valving? What coil rates?
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coilover 016 (1280x960).jpg
valving is 360/80 spring's are 185 and 200
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These 2 are from the twister run . Going up a 5 foot high climb with a hole just at the top of the step on the drive's side
2010 twister run 022.JPG
2010 twister run 025.JPG
Thats a good looking rig! I have never had a bronco but have always liked thier style. Now I have 3 guys working for me and as rare as those old broncos are and bronco guys I have found myself with a shop full of bronco guys!!! haha Go figure!

Nice set up!
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Lookin nice! Now, some TRAIL photos, instead of your yard ;)