Crawlorado Racing Wins in Grand Junction, CO Dirt Riot Race

Battling the dust and overheating issues, the #76 Toyota Land Cruiser won the Mod Class, and Overall in the 4600/Stock/Mod Race

Crawlorado Racing headed to Grand Junction motor speedway for the last race in the mountain series. The new venue would test drivers ability to learn a new course. On Friday afternoon our prerun was cut short due to a charging issue, after 3 trips to the parts store we were sure the issue was solved

Grand Junction 2015

Raceday on Saturday saw temperatures in the 90’s, and dry conditions would mean a long hot and dusty day. On the way to the start line the truck would not start, so we jumped it off and prayed that it would last the race. Off the line behind five 4600 cars we got busy passing and learning to drive only by seeing the vague outline of the car in front and its taillights. With the engine temperature around 240 the entire race we had to back off and be smart about how hard to push, but after 8 laps we finished in front of the rest of the pack by almost 2 minutes.

Grand Junction 2015 dustin

To add to the excitement Dustin Isenhour and Trevor Ritch put the new 4472 car to its paces in the 4400 race, by the fourth lap we were in first place putting down the fastest lap time of the race. Unfortunately we hit a dust blackout, and got off course down a steep sandhill and shoted the course, after the time penalty we ended up in second place by only 5 seconds.

We have to thank Ruff Stuff Specialties for the outstanding overbuilt parts, Redline Land Cruisers for getting our Sheet metal back to its Patina, Level 13 Apparel for the Great Shirts, Rugged Radios, Raceline Wheels, King Shocks, PSC Steering, Rocky Mountain Photography and Stage V Media

Crawlorado Racing is a Trail Class Racing Team From Colorado Springs, CO. We have been racing our 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 since 2011, and Driver Trevor Ritch has been wheeling and modifying the truck since 2004. Visit our website www.crawlorado?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss. com for more information on keeping up with us.

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