ORBA Daystar Products and 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers Make Special Contribution for ORBA’s “Saving...

I q3NJBbB L 300x225 ORBA’s Board of Directors has pledged to expand the Association’s efforts to protect threatened roads and trails around Moab, Utah. Nearly 1.4 million acres of southern Utah land surrounding Canyonlands National Park could be designated a National Monument by the President. About 1,050 miles of off-highway vehicle (OHV) routes would be closed and another 1,450 miles placed at future risk. ORBA member companies Daystar Products and 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers joined to make a $20,000 contribution to help fund ORBA’s advocacy efforts.

ORBA is supporting an effort by the Utah delegation led by Rep. Rob Bishop to bring the public, stakeholders and other interested parties together to reach consensus on how public lands in southern and eastern Utah should be managed. The “Public Lands Initiative” has included numerous open meetings, forums and hearings in Utah and Washington, DC. At issue is an effort to collaborate and resolve longstanding disputes on how to balance conservation, economic development and land access.

The ability of the recreational enthusiast to choose their preferred mode of transportation is important to the survival of many local rural communities and their economies. These areas are also important to the OHV business community. ORBA recognizes the significance of Moab and the Greater Canyonlands area to the recreating public and its bottom line for business. ORBA will continue to focus on “Saving Moab” much in the same way we focused on Johnson Valley.

Towards that effort, ORBA will work with our partners in Washington DC — AMA, ARRA, MIC, SEMA — insuring a strong, broad-based approach. We will also provide important information about the OHV community to the Utah delegation as it seeks to craft federal legislation to implement a land-use agreement.

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