BlueRibbon Coalition Defend Your Ground Episode 1: Don’t Let Moab BLM Cancel Dispersed Camping

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We are excited to announce that we have launched the Defend Your Ground Podcast as one more way that we can keep you informed of the work we are doing.

Speak up to Protect Dispersed Camping Around Moab​

In our first episode we discuss the BLM plans to close/restrict substantial amounts of dispersed camping in the areas surrounding Moab. These plans are currently open for public comment, and we need you to add your voice. The first segment of this episode discusses these plans with a focus on how responsible users who practice “leave no trace” principles are the ones who will be hurt the most by the proposed plans:

Should The Forest Service Close All the Forests in Arizona?​

After the dispersed camping discussion, we also review a letter to the editor to the Arizona Sun Daily, where the contributor demands that the Forest Service close all the forests in Arizona to prevent wildfires. While the wildfire threat is serious in the Southwest right now, we discuss what BRC is doing to encourage more responsible management of our forests, so they can be left open.

The Biggest Threat to Grizzly Bears​

We close by discussing the biggest threat to grizzly bears in the Kootenai National Forest. According to Earth Justice, the complete destruction of their habitat is only a secondary threat compared to the biggest threat. Wait until you hear what it is.

In the Podcast we also mention two Action Alerts where you can submit comments (follow links below to comment):

  1. Protect Dispersed Camping in Moab
  2. Defend Recreation in Northern California’s Arcata/Redding BLM Resource Management Plan

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