Albright To Lead BlueRibbon Coalition Operations

November 12, 2013 10:50 PM

Del Albright, BRC Ambassador
Paul Turcke, Esq.
POCATELLO, ID (November 12, 2013) -- The BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) Board of Directors formally announced today that Del Albright will serve as Interim Director of Operations, overseeing the daily affairs of BRC following the departure of former Executive Director Greg Mumm. Albright is well known to BRC supporters and the broader outdoor community, having worked with BRC for over a decade, most recently as the BRC Ambassador.
"It is with great anticipation that we promote Del to this position," said John Parrinello, President of the BRC Board. "He has the right mix of experience, vision, and credibility with our constituents to lead BRC at this important juncture," Parrinello explained.
"I am excited to tackle this new job and new challenge," said Albright. "We need to remind everyone what made BRC a leader in grassroots recreation advocacy. We will continue our time-tested strategies advancing recreation interests in the most efficient and effective way possible," Albright promised.
Del Albright has an extensive and diverse background, including service as the BRC Ambassador, as State Environmental Affairs Coordinator for the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, and as a member in United Four Wheel Drive Associations, Friends of the Rubicon, Tread Lightly!, and the North American Motorized Recreation Council. Albright holds a bachelor's degree in Forestry and a master's degree in Environmental Planning. Before Albright "retired" to his present role as an outdoor recreation advocate, he served 26 years in the California Department of Forestry and 14 years in military service, including as a U.S. Army Green Beret. More information about Albright is available


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