Del Albright: Article: Discoverers, Developers and Merchants by Del Albright

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Discoverers, Developers and Merchants
How “old west” gold mining and modern landuse are similar
By Del Albright​
BlueRibbon Coalition Ambassador; CA4WDC State Chair for Environmental Affairs​
The old prospector no longer gave a hoot about all the talk of getting rich during the 1849 gold rush. No matter how he looked at it, it was dang hot and ugly mean in the western desert, and he’d not had a decent drink of water or a good meal in days. He was hot and tired; his mule was dragging; and his supplies were about gone. He was having about as much fun as a jack rabbit at a coyote picnic.

With no gold in his pockets, he gave up for the day and settled in next to a ledge of rocks that provided some shade. He tipped back his sweaty worn-out hat and began to collect a few rocks to make a small fire ring. The last of his hard-tack would taste mighty fine about now and he still had one can of beans to heat up. Then it struck him like a mule kick in the butt! His fire ring of rocks was the best gold ore he’d ever seen. He was suddenly going to be a rich man living the life of luxury. Read more/download the article here:

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