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Save your sport; save your trails; save your way of life; become an Advocating Ambassador (for your trails, your church, your family, your fun time, your views, your politics, your CAUSE). Here’s how.

First off, Wikipedia gives the following definitions:

Advocate: a believer; an activist; someone committed who promotes or campaigns.
Ambassador: a diplomat; an emissary; a spokesperson.

So our definition of an Advocating Ambassador is: a spokesperson who believes in and promotes a cause with diplomacy and commitment (usually from a volunteer position).

What does that mean on the ground, at meetings, on runs, at events for YOU? It means making your “cause” one of the focal points of your day. It means speaking up rather than letting an opportunity pass. It means you live to make change in what you believe in. Here are the shortcuts to help you remember to do this:

BE involved; be committed; be tuned into your subject so you know of what you speak; be trained up as best you can; be in front of the conversation when your issue comes up where you can advocate.

SEE the big picture; see the long-run strategies that will help your cause grow; see the “little wins” you can gain on a daily basis; see and act locally but think globally; see what you are not good at so you can see the right person to help you in those areas; see the vision that will make change in the cause you believe it.

THREE times a day think about (or act on) your cause; at breakfast while you are reading the news or watching Fox, think about what you can do TODAY to progress your cause (a letter; an email; a post on a forum; a meeting; etc.); at lunch, remind yourself of the action items you thought about at breakfast and make sure you are on track; then at dinner, after you have accomplished your action items for today, pat yourself on the back and begin thinking about tomorrow’s actions.

So just remember to Be, See, Three....and when you commit to an action to further your cause (no matter if it's your church, your school, your kids, your family, your political views, or your trails), ACT.



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