By Jeep Albright, the Land Use War Machine

Ok, I admit it; I will say it out loud. I have "enhanced" body parts and I love my bolt-on's. I know; you're shocked. But it's true and I have to confess it before another trail goes by.

It all started when I was a young pup, full of stock parts, factory suspension, no add-on's, and just plain worthless on the trail. That was about 15 years ago. So "Dad" added some tube bumpers, a Warn winch, and one tire size up, but at least there were good ones -- BFGoodrich All Terrains -- and figured I was "built." Yea, right.

Then "he" started taking me places where the really big boys play, and wow, it scared me! I had a hard time keeping up, and sometimes I couldn't. Well, instead of finding easier trails, no, not him; he figured to "build" me up some more, and "enhance" my body.

Bolt-on's were popular, as well as upgraded (bigger) body parts. So we started doing that -- spending money, finding bigger parts, and fixing other parts that broke because of the newer, bigger parts. The never ending cycle of owning an off-road rig!

People finally started to notice me. I was asked out (on trips, not dates). I was in magazines. I was in car shows. I stood out in parades. I used my "beauty" to help save more trails and help clubs get better organized. I was getting pretty well known. Then it happened..."Dad's" lovely wife, Stacie, flipped me sideways on the famous Rubicon Trail and caused me to nearly succumb.

So what did we do? We started building and enhancing even MORE. WyoTech (automotive technical training school) took me on as a build project -- talk about steroid enhancement! More businesses and supporters also kicked in to get me back on the trail-saving circuit. I grew up more.

We were saving trails and keeping the sport alive at the same time; so many, many helpful and supportive off-road businesses started jumping in to help the "enhancements" and body part upgrades. Soon, I was a big boy in the sand box (and the rocks, and the hills, and the mountains,; and the beach, and you name it).

So today, you ask, where are you? Well, the simple answer is: thinking about more enhancements like all good 4x4’s!!!


That’s my story.

JA, the LUWM


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