Del Albright: I REFUSE TO PLAY!

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I refuse to play; but if I do play, I refuse to play hard and break. But if I do break, I refuse to whimper. Hey, but if I whimper, I refuse to do it where anyone can hear me. On the other hand, if someone does hear me whimpering, I refuse to let them see my face. So my wish is that I can always hide when I break my junk!

If you wheel or ride hard, you're going to break junk. It just happens. Be prepared as best you can to fix it when you do. Be considerate of others when you do break (don't block the trail unnecessarily). Be ready to spend some bucks with businesses who support keeping our trails open when you have to buy stuff to fix your junk. Be an example for others to follow, even when you break -- whimper in private and thank the heavens that you have the opportunity to ride, wheel, boat and break!




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