Del Albright: King of the Hammers; a Land Use Perspective in ORA

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KOH, Land Use and Off-Road Adventures


"King of the Hammers, A Land Use Perspective" hit this current issue of Off-Road Adventures Magazine, p. 78, with a great shot of the Land Use Panel, and the cleanup effort that took place.
The KOH folks kicked it during this entire event, with their attention and enthusiasm for landuse, cleanup, safety and keeping our sport alive. Their recycling program with CA4WDC was hugely successful as well.

The land use panel (John Stewart, Bebe Theisen and Todd Ockert and I) got great coverage, as well as plenty of kudos and credit to Motorsports Fabrication Services (MFS) and Travis Carpenter, the land use buggy hero.
Oh, yea, Kurtuleas (Kurt Schnieder) is mentioned too. (SMILE). Kurt, you be da man for coming up with the AWESOME ideas.

You can read the mag online here:

Awesome. Thank you ,ORA (and 4 Wheel Parts),


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