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Saving small town rural America is a three-step process that we can all help with. Our rural USA and economy should not go by the wayside, with its deep history and long standing roots in this great country. It's a shame to see small towns drying up. Motorized backcountry recreation can help fix this. Here's three things we can all do to help save "Mayberry" and towns like it (no offense meant to Andy Griffith).

First, help promote the idea that backcountry motorized recreation brings money into rural America with our purchases of gas, lodging, food, etc. Over 50 million Americans recreate in the great outdoors. That's a lot of money. Let town folks know when you are there spending motor money to help them survive. "Like" and mention communities you recreate in on your Facebook and other social networks.

Second, wear your decals and stickers proudly to show that you belong to organized groups that are promoting responsible recreation. Put stickers on your tow rigs as well as off-road rigs. Demonstrate that organized recreation is out there helping small town America stay alive.

Third, whenever you can, keep your money in "Mom and Pop" outfits, small town USA stores, gas stations and restaurants. If you have a choice, buy from these rural economies to help keep them alive. I know that Wal-Mart is on your list, most likely for some purchases, but when you can, spend your bucks in the boondocks.

Obviously, a lot of this hinges on ALL of us joining and supporting organized recreation groups like BlueRibbon Coalition and YOUR state association, as well as local clubs.

This history, charm and culture of America are in its backroads and small towns. Thanks for keeping our rural America alive and well. Mayberry is counting on you!


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