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Del & Stacie, Team Albright, at Hump 'n Bump on TAP Tour.​

Good leaders step up when the going gets tough. And I think the next few years might bring some more challenges for us all whether at your club level, state association, or just your area where you play. Boy, the folks who don t like motorized recreation seem to be coming out of the woodwork. But we have a plan .and that plan is YOU. It is time, more than ever, to up your game in the outdoor recreation area you love.

Call this my cheer-leading note if you want, but I m not about to slow down, give up, or get lost. I m bringing it on big time, as much time as I can afford. I ask you to join me.

Here are a few issues that prompted me to blog this:

The east coast and New Jersey have been stomped by storms. Who knows what all this will bring, besides the terrible losses of life and property.

Utah is under a massive attack for more land closures (Monuments proposed by outdoor businesses): (

Oregon Dunes are having a big rally to save their riding areas (

Politics in America have not lined up to be the most favorable for outdoor recreation, gun ownership and more.

Soooo, what do we do?

First, please get your hands on a copy of our new volunteerism book right here:

Second, renew your memberships in (or make a donation to) those groups you believe in; but more importantly, DO SOMETHING to help one of your favorite groups. Stacie and I just voluntarily hauled the Cal4 raffle trailer around to a couple events to promote the fund-raiser for CA4WDC.

Third, break out the RLTC course, or start it again, or finish it, whatever stage you are in. Share some of it with a friend. MOTIVATE someone to get involved in our sports. More on RLTC here at

Maybe just pick two or three positive, real things (from this or your own list) and do them; now; this week.

That s all for now .on the team, and Happy Holidays to all, Del

Del Albright

Ambassador, BlueRibbon Coalition
Founding Trail Boss,
Friends of the Rubicon
Environmental Affairs, CA4WDC Find us on Facebook here

Contact Del at


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