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Some Random and Ranting Thoughts...
By Del Albright

(NOTE: no "slam" is intended for our honest, hard-working politicians and bureaucrats who do try to let the truth guide them in what they do and say. To the rest, I say wake up and get real because America is tired of being lied to).

Rarely is there truth in government relations/affairs; just different perspectives. I think Tom Clancy said that. But from my three decades of dealing with bureaucrats and politicians, I can attest to this adage first hand:
Truth is out there for some folks; usually hidden, buried; but most always certainly only from their perspective when it comes to government relations.

If I'm a conservative, my "truths" will be slanted in that direction. If I'm a liberal, my "truths" will be slanted thus. Just take that into account when you are listening....because the truth in government is most always hidden in a way or another.

Perception can be a reality. If people think it is true, it might as well be true for some. That is why credible organizations and folks fight for reality, to correct mis-perceptions. Unfortunately, for some government affairs, money gets in the way of reality.

In politics it's always about the money. Politicians want votes and donations == money. I know it sounds a bit mean, because not all politicians are like this; but so many are that it's hard to sort out the honest ones. Government officials (politicians and bureaucrats of the highest levels) seem to say what is convenient more often than what is true...

How do you filter out the truth in an issue? Distrust of the “system” is rampant. I guess the best advice is to trust those that have let you down the least. Awful, huh?

You can start by trusting those with credentials. Even in backcountry recreation, you can increase your chances of finding more reality and truth by knowing as much as your time allows you to spend on any one topic. Listen more; speak less; read often; and read between the lines. And start your foundation of trust with those who have been there, done that, and proven up with their credentials of successes.

Realize that in a lightning fast communications age, truth and facts still take the slowest route. Truth in politics and government are slow to surface....and usually very hard to determine. Bad news and bad science, on the other hand, rocket to the headlines. Human nature? another bit of advice is to watch for the slow boil...the steady hand...the solid, credential-backed sound bytes.

People are people, no matter what field they are in. Remember that just because it quacks like a duck, does not mean it can fly like a real duck. Amateurs always try harder to be louder; but not necessarily “righter.”
Professionals who stay the course; stick to the facts; land on the high ground more often than not; and speak the truth, will prevail in the end. You can find them if you try...



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