Dirt Riot Dirt Riot in Laredo, Texas Pictures!

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Jul 25, 2012
Columbus, MT
Dirt Riot in Laredo, Texas, double points season opener. "Big" Rich straightened out the winding course from last year to make a fast, exciting racing. The spectators had a great view of the start of the race with four tabletop jumps. Few sharp corners for racers to throw the car sideways and then out into the desert forest. Miles of tight trails through mesquite thorn bushes and cactus challenged the drivers after they disappeared out of spectators view. Engines could be heard and dust clouds formed out of the desert forest. It was taking drivers about 8-10 minutes to complete the roughly five and a half mile course. There were only a few flops around some of the tight turns and few drivers had fuel issues. All and all it was a great, dusty day in the desert. We hope to see all of you at the next Central Dirt Riot in Mason Texas.

Remember anyone can come out and race. Bring your UTV, trail rig, or build something cool, there are only a few safety points you need to make sure you have like fire extinguishers, harnesses, helmets and metal roof. You should have those already, but if that is the only thing stopping you from joining us on the race course, get on that. Added bonus, the more drivers in the race means more cash you could potentially take home with a trophy. All classes have cash payouts at both Dirt Riot and WE Rock. They have amazing payout percentages for drivers.

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