Does My Battery Need Attention In The Hot Summer Months?

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You bet it does! Reliable starting depends on battery care year-round.

Wheeling, IL August 7, 2015 – Folks most often associate battery care with the cold winter months, when low temperatures make engine oil thick as molasses, degrade a battery’s efficiency, and make that first start in the morning a hopeful experience. And all of that is true.

But some are surprised to learn that hot summer weather takes its toll on your battery’s ability to start your car as well. Penray, Inc. is a leading supplier of chemicals and functional fluids for automotive use. Their experts point out some surprising hot-weather issues that can affect a battery’s efficiency and starting ability.

“Heat is the enemy of all things electrical,” explains Steve Muth, Chief Chemist for Penray. “Heat in wiring, electric motors, and accessories translates into resistance, which can diminish the flow of electricity throughout a vehicle. That’s why, after a hot summer’s day with the air conditioning running, a re-start after hot shut-down often reveals a sluggish starter motor trying to crank a hot, tight engine.”7011-Battery-Protector.jpg “As a result,” adds Penray’s Muth, “the battery can lose some of its electrolyte (acid) which can be replenished with distilled water or ordinary tap water as recommended by the battery manufacturer. While some batteries are permanently sealed, others have caps that can be removed for topping off. There’s typically a narrowed ring an inch or two below the top of the battery that designates the fill point. Don’t overfill, and exercise care since the acid in the battery can cause burns if splashed on skin or clothing.”

“The other issue of concern with batteries, in hot weather as well as cold, is the formation of white or green corrosion where the battery cables join with the battery posts. This can eventually compromise the electrical connection there, limiting the current that can reach the car’s starter motor and other electrical accessories, resulting in a slow-crank or no-crank condition.”

Fortunately, explains Penray’s Product Manager Sarah Cooper, there’s a simple solution to the problem of battery terminal corrosion. “Our Penray Battery Cleaner and Battery Protector afford a quick and easy means of cleaning and preserving these vital connections. And the process couldn’t be easier.”

“When you see corrosion at the battery terminals, just spray on Penray Battery Cleaner, allow it to work for 2-3 minutes, then simply wipe off the residue with a brush or rag. It’s suitable for all types of batteries, and removes corrosion and neutralizes acid build-up. Then spray on a coating of Penray Battery Protector, which forms a shield around the area, sealing out moisture and preventing future corrosion and oxidation. Penray Battery Protector is conveniently colorized so you can easily see where you’ve sprayed, assuring full coverage and protection.”

“No one wants to get stuck with a vehicle that won’t start while on a family vacation trip, or any time else for that matter,” explains Penray’s Cooper. “That’s why we’ve developed and manufactured products that help keep motorists from harm’s way.”

“In addition,” continues Muth, “RV’s typically have two batteries — one for starting and other engine electrical functions, and a separate battery to power lighting fixtures, refrigerators, and other accessories. Our battery products help provide assurances that both systems will work properly.”

Furthermore, says Muth, some passenger cars like late-model Mercedes-Benz vehicles, actually have two batteries — one for starting the engine, and the other for operating the various electronic systems in the vehicle, which are sensitive to even small variations in supply voltage. So it’s important to properly maintain both batteries for reliable starting and driving.

Penray Battery Cleaner and Battery Protector are equally useful on batteries used in lawn and garden equipment, motorcycles, and powersports vehicles.

For more information on Penray’s Battery Cleaner and Protector and other Penray products, visit the company’s web site at

Since 1951, The Penray Companies Inc. a specialty chemical company has been supporting automotive, heavy duty, private label and export markets with innovative solutions for the transportation industry. Penray’s manufacturing facilities incorporate lean manufacturing techniques for optimal efficiency and quality control. Penray offers a wide variety of maintenance and specialty products available in aerosol and liquid versions.

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